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LSD Soundsystem


Designed around the following :" as small and as loud as possible without compromising fidelity."

The 2 way top end was a done deal. Flashlight closed back 6.5" and 1", best sounding top end out there, no box required, just mount them in line with each other and add a horn.  But now you need a lot of rig to keep up with these.

Subs then had to be double 12". The 18 Sound 12LW1400 has a 4" voice coil and is a real beast. Finding the right box was a not so easy, the Danley white paper on tapped horns held the answers, and lead us to the MTH30 VX 212, a tapped hybrid bandpass design, compact and sturdy looking. Drivers were modelled in Hornresp and computer said yes. 

We then opted for a paraflex box design for the midrange.

 The 208 V2 was perfect to fill the gap, and loaded with 8MB500s. 

The centre fill is a skeletal 6x1 AMT200p from 18 Sound, the ultimate in ribbon technology.

The drivers are mechanically time aligned, requiring no DSP. They are also fully visible, bringing you another step closer to the music you love.

Driverack had to be designed and built in house. With high end transformers, isolated, 56 bit processing and custom signal path. With the L-C-R speaker placement and some mid-side processing we can offer something truly unique.

Added advantages :​

Utilises both sides of a driver.

Isobaric driver loading adds 6dB efficiency.

Tapped path adds another 6dB.

Can take up to 40% more power due to the inherant excursion control of the box design.

Self cooling design.

The driver magnets are fully accessable while running, so motor  temperature can be monitored allowing you to confidently take them to the extreme without cooking drivers.

Medigrade QWSystem controller:

High quality system management for the 

LSD QW system.

56bit internal processing

transformers on Inputs and Outputs

7 in 12 out 

Custom signal chain for a wider stereo image

L-C-R top end creates a unique experience  



QW 212:

High power tapped hybrid.

XOver 40 - 150Hz

4 ohm / 4kW / 140dB @ 100Hz


Paraflex low mid.

XOver 150 - 1200Hz

4 ohm / 1kW

QW Minions:​


2 Way tops.


6.5" 1200 - 8000Hz

16 ohm / 300w 

1" 8kHz + 

8 ohm / 50w

QW Centre fill:

Plannar ribbon source for supreme detail and sparkle.  

XOver 12kHz +

16 ohm / 120w





18mm Baltic birch ply.

Tuff clearcoat finish.


15mm Baltic birch ply.

Tuff clearcoat finish.

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