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Units are hand built to order so contact us if your interested.


Built Unit:

Eurorack version: £280

Desktop version: £380

Midi upgrade: £95

DIY Version:

PCB, Panel and PIC's: £70

Midi board and PIC: £30

Desktop case and PSU board: £40


  • 2 Wavetable Oscillators with 1v/O pitch CV and a 10 octave range.

  • Main Oscillator has 16 unusual waveforms that crossfade through the wavetable with CV.

  • Sub Oscillator has 8 waveforms at four octaves with CV.

  • Bitcrush and Portamento.

  • 2 VCA's with Linear or Exponential outputs.

  • 2 channer mixer.

  • LFO with 8 output waveforms, Sample and Hold, Wave Distortion and Sync.

  • Envelope with range of 1msec to 10secs with additional global time CV and trigger button.

  • 64 Way 'breadboard' style patchbay using high quality backplane connector.

  • 8 Jack sockets (3.5mm)

  • 48hp Eurorack front panel for modular systems.

  • Optional:

  • PCB, Panel & PICs for the DIY enthusiast.

  • Desktop case and Power supply

  • Midi in with Note, Gate, Clock and 11CC's all as patchable CV's.

The breadboard style patchbay uses a Harting backplane connector to access every point in both the audio and control voltage signal chains either locally via breadboard wires and shunts or to external equipment via the 3.5mm jacks. This method saves an enormous amount of front panel space on a modular setup where case and panel space is expensive. We also believe this system is perfect as an introduction to CV and encourages an experimental approach to sound design. Although the Harting connector is significantly better quality than the average breadboard, we are aware that their downside is that they are not guarenteed for as many uses as a minijack socket, that is why we include a spare Harting socket with every built unit and the connector can be changed without any soldering, just pull out the old one and plug in the new one.

Unlimited User Patch Memory

By using Pin Headers to patch into your Harting connector its possible to store your favorite patches with absolutely no memory limitations.

Together with its sister unit, the Druidfilter, it becomes a fully functioning instrument with 128 patch points into a stunning array of CV and audio modules.

The perfect introduction into control voltage and a complete modular system in a 19" rack.

CV modular synth hand made in the UK.

A fully patchable modular synth with unlimited audio and control voltage routing in a very compact unit. 
The breadboard style patchbay provides access to every parameter without using up valuable front panel space.
The 8 Jack sockets are patchable to connect to external equipment for CV and audio signals.
With 2 Oscillators, 2 VCA's, LFO, Envelope and Mixer in one unit it make the perfect for someone just starting a modular system or has limited space and budget.


For people without a Eurorack system,

a Desktop case, Power supply and Midi2CV are all available as options.


Only 20 units will ever be made!

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