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SN76477 info and circuits


Thomas Henry circuits for the

SN Voice

Birth of a Synth

Original Datasheet

SN76477 Breakout Board

Project Board for the Complex Sound Generator from Texas Instruments

This board is designed to house the famous SN76477 Complex Sound Generator for DIY enthusiasts. The IC is comes in an SDIP format which is unusual and wont fit normal DIP IC sockets and can be a headache for the modern DIY synth enthusiast. 

£6 with free p&p.


The board measures 30mm x 45mm and has pinout spacing at 2.54mm and 2 mounting holes

for simple integration into project electronics.

Here's a video of the eurorack version we made with CV control and a joystick.

Complex Sound Generator

Retro sound chip from Texas Instruments with Oscillator, noise source and filter, LFO and Envelope .

SN76477 Breakout: Welcome
SN76477 Breakout: Product
SN76477 Breakout: Project
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