Our in house modular rig, a portable

custom build with all the latest toys 

coming from our tech department.

Used extensively by the Acid Vandals

on their debut album 'Experimental Mistreatment of Electronic Devices.' 




Top Rack
4 x 4 Matrix Mixer with high end transformers for iso/balanced outputs.
5 independant noise sources white/pink.
State Variable VCF - 4 pole 5 modes.


Middle Rack
Analog VU meter
2 volt meters
Audio Spectrum display


Bottom Rack
Arduino Playgound, 
Arduino ATmega2560, 
2 x 12bit DAC, 6 x LPF [for analog from PWM]
4 encoders, 8 pots, 4 switches, 4 buttons 
Loads of RGB leds for visual feedback
4 x 96 way breadboard patchbay for even more fun.



24 way Cat5 patch panel for connecting to external equipment via the breakout cables.
TalieSynth [2 osc 2 vca lfo env mixer all CV via breadboard patchbay]
Xtra patchbay to 12 channel Midi to CV , Clock Divider, Case routing
LFO, Loopable ENV, Multi Stereo FX

SN76477 VC synth
2 x VCAs
8 voice additive VCO
USB Midi - CV




Handheld 3d Motion control with 4 CV outputs.
Polyphonic anagog modelling midi syth with 15 DCOs,LFO,  2 ENVs, LPF 
USB midi host

London, UK

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