Method 1


Method 1 aka Hutch started his career as a DJ in the early 2000s.  With a residency for No Limits in London and guest slots with Milk, Torque, Frantic, Tronic & Intergrate..

The next step came in 2004 with the creation of the Hub Sound System and hosted a series of iconic raves at Willesden's Music Village , free beach parties under Festival Pier in London's Waterloo as well as countless other warehouses and outdoor spots around the UK.  This progressed to long term residencies with KSS, Stinky Pink and regular trips to France with the teknivals and Acolytes Sound System.

Alongside this he began broadcasting regular online radio shows in 2006 with KSSonline - Hub Tuesday nights,  before starting the monthly Medigrade Show on Techno.FM with DJ Anita which  can be heard live on the 1st Friday of the month, 7pm to 12pm UK time.


Music theory and mastering techniques are brought to the dancefloor across a broad range of tempos and styles, with bass heavy tracks and dirty synths being the standard. Upfront mixes rapidly take you on a complex journey of industrial drums, off key hooks and stunning vocals. Method 1 may treat techno as a way of life but is also happy dropping some heavy DnB when the situation allows it.

Free Acid Vandals track download:

Lighting design and the visual side of raving has always been an important side of Method 1's history, as has his alter ego 'Caravandal' a hacker/maker of the electronics behind the sound design and recent collaberation with John Lysergic as the Acid Vandals and the Medigrade LSD lighting & soundsystem project. Find out more in the links below.

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