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rhythm vandaliser

the roland rebuild

In the 707;
Overdrive and clipping cirtcuits, 5 x pitch mods (3 have CV in), a filter, 4 x Env mods, 3 x inputs to the VCAs, a chaos nand osc with various control options, and 4 x 5v trigger outs (via the ethercon). The drum machine and these mods also work as a stand alone unit without the addon.


In the Extra panel:
24 way patchbay to the sample ROMs, with switches, buttons and arcade buttons. 2 x NeoPixel VU meters with the 12 x 707 outputs on a rotary switch, Display and jack outs for the triggers, Neopixel 16 step seq controlled by the DIN Sync with CV & Gate outs + more

more details on the way.. in the meantime try these links for more info...

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