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Known as the Bionic baby due to the 2 x 25pin din cables connecting it to the patchbay which offers 20 lines straight to the CPU for tones of glitches and effects and 16 lines to the steel cased 'Performance Controller' featuring 4 momentary buttons and 4 faders.

This unit has also had the LTC1799 Oscillator upgrade for pitch control and the anti alias filter added. Also features Midi in and out 

Casio SK1

Casio SK1 Bionic Baby
Hing Hon EK001

The Hing Hon with CV control and Video out to scope.


This beast was build from entirely  reclaimed parts, it contains a 4 x 4 matrix style mixer with Llandyl transformers on every out. a couple of filters and a compressor. It has become the backbone of the sampling end of the studio.

Chaos Nand


NAND synth


Double Quad Nand

This is another Chaotic collection of squarewaves, 8 controllled by 4 clock sources and 4 that cascade together on a separate output.

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